Presentation of the project

Kristell Silva Tancun is a young Swiss illustrator inspired by Japanese culture. In order to be able to sell all his creations online, a special website has been created, an online store that allows the direct purchase of his works.

This website also includes:
• your projects, such as wall art, beer labels or tote bags,
• their physical points of sale where you can find some of their creations,
• as well as a link to your portfolio site that groups your graphic designs for your clients.

Kristell made the graphic models. Following their models, I integrated them into the WordPress CMS and its Woocommerce plugin.

Shop Kristell Silva Tancun - Illustratrice - Mockup MacBook pro - Homepage


Shop Kristell Silva Tancun - Illustratrice - Homepage

Product page

Shop Kristell Silva Tancun - Illustratrice - Page produit

The product page has a set of attributes that can be added in the back office to provide visitors with a well-documented data sheet.

Following the product sheet, an automated selection retrieves and displays related products from the same category.